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John & Pat started Four Winds in their garage some 14 years ago, In anticipation of their retirement. Now both retired but still going at it everyday. The redemp grew  quicker than they thought, soon the barn was renovated into a redemption center.Then another building was attached for more space was needed. Through the years we have grown bigger, expanded to include Seafood, tobacco, soda,ice and propane.One thing has remained the same, our dedication to our valued customers and to our community.

We are the ORIGINAL Four Winds!

Customer Service is a priority!

​We strive to be the cleanest redemption center around.

We believe our customers have helped us to grow our business, and we are very thankful to all of you!

Here at Four Winds we aim to try to make your visit as friendly & quick as possible.

​We try and keep our prices down to pass savings on to our customers.


Tammi,Josh & Sammy...

our mascot!